Thin Client Interface: WindX

Optimize the development and deployment of your programs across your user base. With the PxPlus thin-client architecture in place, you can maintain the heavy processing and data storage on your secure central server while delivering a flexible user-oriented interface to multiple desktop systems regardless of the type of application host server you are using.

The WindX thin-client makes it possible to distribute a feature-rich, graphical user interface to a Windows client from any server-based PxPlus application, even if the host system does not support that type of interface. In fact, WindX is more than a typical thin-client—it can also be configured to take full advantage of each platform’s functionality by allowing you to move processing and file access to either side of the client /server connection.

At the core of WindX is the PxPlus engine. The WindX communications layer ties your server-based PxPlus to a client-based PxPlus to deliver a complete PxPlus-for-Windows graphical environment:

  • DLL calls, OCXs, ActiveX /COM controls, ODBC, and DDEs
  • Full-featured graphical interface and mouse support
  • Local file access
  • Access to Windows clipboard, printers, applications, and multimedia
  • Terminal emulation (built-in Telnet connections)
  • On demand image and application downloads
  • AutoUpdater to automatically check for and install critical patches/upgrades on all client workstations

Don't have or want a Windows based workstation? No problem because WindX, like PxPlus itself, works using a wide variety of Windows emulation products such as Wine or Parallels allowing you to run your graphical application from a Mac or Linux workstation.

PxPlus Thin Client at a Glance

  • PxPlus-based technology
    Application source code can be easily adapted for client-server use.
  • Flexibility
    Implement a full-featured GUI from an otherwise character-based or platform-specific application.
  • Control
    Focus IT resources by moving processing and file handling to a more powerful and secure central server.
  • Maintainability
    Auto-update capability allows client installations and upgrades to be handled remotely, automatically.
  • Security
    Design applications so that no critical data or processing is ever handled on the client side.
  • Marketability
    As eBusiness markets mature, you will be able to deliver PxPlus applications that can carry your customer’s data over multiple networks, on a variety of platforms, and different devices.

Product Licensing

The WindX Plug-In is licensed with either the PxPlus Professional and Web bundles and is also available as a separate Add-On to the PxPlus Base bundle.

Data Transmission Protocols and Connections

WindX communicates with Windows, UNIX, Linux, or Apple Mac OS X servers using either Transmission Control Protocol /Internet Protocol (TCP /IP) or Telnet connections.

Under TCP /IP, WindX gives you multi-tasking (using standard UNIX Socket Layer and Windows Winsock). Using serial asynchronous communications, WindX gives you single tasking only.

WindX clients can connect using any combination of:

  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Remote access, serial and Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) dial up, Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
  • Internet connections
  • Communications may be encrypted via industry-standard SSL

Speed and Bandwidth usage by WindX is highly optimized. Only the user interface information travels across the network; this keeps network traffic to a bare minimum (allowing for more concurrent users on a connection) and increases data integrity as the data processing remains on the server. Data compression can also be configured in to provide even greater speed and improve overall system performance.

Licensing Information

The WindX is licensed in two forms:

  • As Part of PxPlus for Windows whereby each workstation requires a separate PxPlus windows license on the workstation that needs to connect to the host. This requires each active workstation to use BOTH a workstation user license and a server user license.
  • As the "WindX Plug-In", which uses server-side licensing as part of the PxPlus Professional and eCommerce bundles. You can freely distribute and install as many copies of the WindX Plug-in as you wish. The server license controls how many users may connect any one time.

Generally the WindX Plug-in is preferred as it is easier to install and centralizes all license management on the server.

Simple Client-Server interface

The PxPlus simple client server provides a easy to configure method to set up and use WindX to run your application in a Thin Client configuration. It provides a fast, single port, connection to your host system that can be configured in either a clear text or SSL encrypted modes of operation.

The ability to reconnect dropped sessions is also provided for environments prone to network interruption and/or failures.

The Simple Client-Server interface is included at no charge in all PxPlus versions.

Application Server

If you have a need for more a more robust solution, the PxPlus Application Server protects your data in the most hostile of network environments, such as the Internet: secure access control, user and application launch control, central administration, and access tracking. This technology establishes safe TCP /IP connections for your server based WindX applications.

Key advantages of the Application Server are outlined below:


  • Uses only one TCP /IP Socket
  • Designed for Internet /Intranet /Extranet environments
  • Designed for firewalls and NAT devices
  • Enables sessions to be launched as specific users
  • Simplifies client-side configuration
  • Provides informative error messages
  • Platform independent


  • Optional SSL encryption for sessions and traffic
  • Application Configuration
  • Limits to Clients Accessing Applications
  • Full Logging of all Accesses
  • Tracking of Active Sessions
  • Administration of Active Sessions
  • User Authentication