Products - PxPlus and PxBasic

PxPlus and PxBasic are application development environments targeting cross platform business application development. These development environments provide for the creation of high-performance applications that will run on a wide variety of operating systems, such as, Windows, Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, etc., all with little or no changes.

Why two products? PxPlus is a chargeable product designed for commercial use. PxBasic is a free non-commercial version designed for home or hobbyist use. Both products are fundamentally the same, however, a number of features with PxPlus have been disabled in PxBasic, such as compatibility modes, multi-user access, and some database support. The two products are compatible thus; applications, data files, and meta-data created in PxBasic can be run using PxPlus.


The underlying technology and development language is based on Business Basic, which has been around since the mid-1980s. Our implementation extends that core environment to encompass all the latest technological advances thereby allowing applications developed in PxPlus to take advantage of all the capabilities found in today's modern computer systems.

Included within the development environment are a data management system, graphical development toolkit, query systems, web tools, debugging system, and many other features and capabilities. Our products are oriented towards helping you make world-class business applications while removing many of the operating system dependencies often found in other development systems.

For details on the product and its many features, take a look at our documentation section.

PxPlus has it all covered

PxPlus is an application development environment designed to simplify the development, deployment, and support of business applications. More than just a language, it provides a full suite of components that compliment the development of your application.

Its core technology is a basic-like development language based on Business Basic, which was first used to create business applications back in the 1980's. Since that time, the language has undergone extensive enhancements in order to keep up with the ever-changing world of computer technology.

PxPlus has taken Business Basic from its humble beginnings through the world of 4GL programming, Windows and graphical programming, the Internet, on through the more recent advancements of Object Oriented Programming, .NET and now WEB and mobile device deployment.

Through-out it all PxPlus has assured a continued seamless migration path for application programs – protecting the developer's investment in his code and application designs. (History)

Data Management

In addition to being a development language, PxPlus provides a robust data management system that is designed to meet the needs of both the smallest and simplest application to the more complex applications suitable for even the largest multi-national corporation. The data management system is designed to provide ease of use while at the same time providing features such as, encryption, transaction logging, and rollback usually only available on high-end database servers. Ease of use and flexibility are the cornerstones of the data management system.

Along with its own data management system, PxPlus allows the user access to a wide variety of industry standard databases such as Microsoft SQL, ORACLE, MySQL, and DB2. This allows PxPlus developed applications to work seamlessly alongside virtually any other business application and in virtually any environment.

Operating System Independence and Avoiding Obsolescence

Because PxPlus works internally with pseudo-code, it makes it possible to develop applications that are truly operating system independent. With versions of PxPlus available for virtually every operating system out there and the fact that all PxPlus programs and data are platform independent, your applications can easily be hosted on a wide variety of systems with no re-compile or conversion requirements.

Simply copy and run your application – PxPlus handles the rest. Your applications continue to run thus, you never have to worry about your application not being able to keep up with the changing face of technology.

Obsolescence due to operating system changes becomes a thing of the past.

Terminal/workstation independence allows applications to run on Windows, Linux, Unix, using graphical devices such as, Windows or Web browsers interchangeably.

Extensive ADD-On Functionality

As if the core functionality of PxPlus was not enough, a wide variety of add-on components can be used to extend your application to help you fulfill the specific needs of your clients.
Some typical add-on components include:

  • Email Transmission
  • FTP Services
  • Built-in PDF Generation (ISO Compliant)
  • Charting Control (multiple versions)
  • Internet Based Fax Services
  • Report Writer (developer and end-user)
  • OLE Server
  • MySql, DB2 and Oracle Database Interfaces
  • Web Presentation Interface (iNomads)
  • XML Parser