Simplicity is the Key to Success

Too often projects and systems fail due to complexity. Keeping IT simple improves the odds of success no matter what you are doing. This fundamental belief in keeping things simple runs to the core of the PxPlus Development Suite.

Uncomplicated Language

Business applications are difficult enough to create and implement, so why struggle with a complex language or challenging installations. PxPlus's core development language is a dialect of Basic that can be learned quickly and easily. This means that you can focus your efforts on the challenges of business rules.

By keeping things simple you get faster development of applications and a much shortened learning curve for the developers. PxPlus handles XML or UML constructs, so you can concentrate on what matters, making sure the business application works properly.

Just because it's not complex doesn't mean it's not powerful. PxPlus supports a wide variety of coding styles from standard procedural to object oriented programming (OOP). It includes many of today's latest concepts such as associative arrays and direct XML and JSON data manipulation all the while focusing on keeping the core language constructs simple and easy to learn and follow.

Built-in Functionality

Sometimes it's the little things that can pose the biggest challenges, for example take the simple need to provide sorting by date on lists. While this sounds easy, when you need to be able to provide dates in a wide variety of formats with the potential of different languages used for month names, this simple task can turn quite complex. Not with PxPlus. Functionality like this is built into the language so all the developer needs to do is specify that the column is a date and let the system take care of the rest.

Throughout the PxPlus environment many of the time consuming tasks and features expected of business applications are addressed by the language itself. For example, via the Query system you can provide the user data exporting and charting functions. Having the availability to a Report Writer and Web services gives your application access to modern reporting tools. These are just a few of the features that you quickly add to your applications list of features.

Graphical Development

We live in a graphical world and PxPlus has a truly feature rich graphical environment designed to run either on the Windows desktop or on the Web. Applications developed using the PxPlus graphical toolset, Nomads, can also run on both graphical environments with little or no changes.

Graphical interfaces are often some of the most complex to create. There are so many things to worry about: tips, drag and drop, resizing, tab sequences, etc. however; PxPlus is designed to handle most of these challenges, freeing you to concentrate on the underlying business logic.

Simple Setup

Time is money -- so, who needs to have to spend a lot of time and effort installing software?

Installation and setup of PxPlus is simply a matter of running a standard Windows install or unzipping the installation file. No special system configuration changes are needed saving you and your customers' time and, more importantly, money.

For Linux installs, we pre-compile and provide runnable binaries for most of the current popular Linux systems allowing you to avoid the overhead to download, compile, and install the product.

PxPlus Keeps IT Simple:

  • Easy to Learn
    Helps make new hires productive quicker
  • Minimal Installation
    Virtually no external setup or dependencies
  • Single Source
    No need to compile programs due to the optimized run time interpretive engine
  • Integrated Tools
    Avoids having to source, install and configure external packages
  • Standardized Input/Output
    Consistent interface is used for interfacing to file, table, or RDBMS
  • Enhanced Graphical Controls
    Controls are optimized for use with Business Applications, such as, calendars, calculators, formatted input, mapping interfaces, etc.