Built for Business

A carpenter wouldn't use a scalpel to build a house.
A surgeon wouldn't use a wood saw to do surgery.

Shouldn't your tools be designed for business applications?
Always choose the right tools for the job.


PxPlus is an application development platform specifically focused on providing tools to develop business applications. It incorporates a wide variety of built-in features designed specifically for the creation, installation and support of business applications.

PxPlus shields the business application from the nuances of the underlying operating system by providing a consistent and controlled environment from which the application can run. Platform independent utilities and functions provide the application with access to all the essential services needed to run a business environment while simplifying the development and installation of the product.

Unlike many other languages which focus on providing general purpose functionality, PxPlus focuses on providing the environment needed for business software. Functionality such as the handling of decimal points and currency symbols in foreign markets, security, even application code protection are all built into the language.

At the core of the environment is a robust programming language, PxPlus, which is a dialect of Business Basic and has over thirty years of use in the creation of business applications. During this time, it has evolved to meet the ever changing requirements of end users. It has been adapted to newer technologies, such as, the Web, RDBMS, Windows, Linux, and even today continues to adapt to the needs for Big Data, NoSQL and Mobile devices.

An integrated data management system provides fast access to keyed data tables that is specifically designed for use with critical business functions where 24/7 data access is required. SQL based command line and ODBC access to this native data storage subsystem is provided for easy integration with other products and reporting tools. For those looking for RDBMS style data manager, PxPlus provides native access to Oracle, MySQL, DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server with both direct SQL command interfaces and automatic mapping of it No-SQL command structures to SQL directives.

In keeping with the needs of business applications, the environment supports Windows, Linux and MAC servers/workstations, with graphical interfaces provided either via desktop applications or Web services.

Focus on Business:

  • Built in ISO compatible PDF generator
  • Message libraries for multilingual systems
  • Decimal point and currency formatting control for international markets
  • Customizable rounding control
  • Application copy protection
  • Access to a wide variety of application ICONs
  • Graphical charting tools for Web and Windows 8 Desktop
  • Rapid development environment
  • Integrated Query toolkit with data export and charting
  • Multiple language support
  • Report writer to generate printed reports, HTML and Spreadsheets
  • Resilient built in file system with Data encryption and replication
  • Access to external RDBMS such as MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server and DB2
  • Internet access routines email and FTP (Send and Receive)
  • Web services to access data/reports from the web