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Pvx Plus Development Suite Version 6.30 Build 9159
(build 9159 unless otherwise indicated - Click here for details on this build)

Description Date Size File
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003 Jan 11/2006 21.2 MB pxp630-9159-W32.exe
Unix or Unix-like systems
SCO Unix verson 5.0.5 thru 5.0.7
(No OCI / LFS support)

Requires SCO update OSS646B be installed on 5.0.5 and 5.0.6
Jan 11/2006 7.1 MB pxp630-9159-SCO.tar.Z
SCO Unix verson 6.0.0
(No OCI / LFS support)
Jan 11/2006 5.9 MB pxp630-9159-SC6.tar.Z
AIX Level 4.3.3
(No OCI/LFS support)
Jan 11/2006 6.7 MB pxp630-9159-AX4.taz
Linux systems
Redhat 9 thru Enterprise v3.0
Jan 11/2006 4.1 MB pxp630-9159-RHT.taz
Suse Linux version 7.0 thru 9.3
Jan 11/2006 4.1 MB pxp630-9159-SUS.taz
Fedora Linux Core Version 3
Jan 11/2006 4.2 MB pxp630-9159-FED.taz
Mandrake Linux version 10
Jan 11/2006 4.1 MB pxp630-9159-MDK.taz
PVX Plus WindX standalone (V6.30) Jan 11/2006 16.2 MB pxp630-9159-WDX.exe
PVX Plus WindX Plug-in (V6.30) Jan 11/2006 16.2 MB pxp630-9159-WPI.exe

Click here to view UNIX/Linux installation instructions

If the version you want is not here, please contact our support department for other PVX Plus Development Suite versions .

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