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This page contains the additional Griaule Fingerprint software components required for the
PVX Plus 2-ID-U Add-on package #10006.

Description Date/Size File
Fingerprint SDK 2007  
16.2 MB
Download Fingerprint SDK Software
FingerCap USB Driver 1.2

Supports fingerprint readers drivers:

  • Microsoft Fingerprint Reader
  • DigitalPersona U.Are.U 4000
  • DigitalPersona U.Are.U 4000B
  • Bio-I Cyte
  • Biotouch / Futronic FS80
  • Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer with Fingerprint Reader
  • Microsoft Optical Desktop with Fingerprint Reader
  • M2SYS M2-S
353 KB
Download FingerCap USB Driver


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